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About Us

The Iranian American Cultural and Educational Center is a nonprofit organization established in 2011 in Northern California, in the city of Sacramento. We have a vision of supporting Iranian-Americans and other Farsi-speaking communities in their objectives of learning about American culture, economy and social aspects, in order to enter the labor market and society at large; and contribute to grow and help the United States of America succeed in providing opportunities for everybody.


In order to further expand the organization's mission, the leadership of IACEC decided to adopt the only Farsi-language radio station in Northern California; Bamdad Radio, which was previously established in 2008 and quickly became one of the most prominent media channels in the United States. Bamdad Radio is the official communication channel of Iranian-Americans, as well as Afghans, Tajikistanis and Armenians living in the United States. Our Studios are located in the headquarters of the Iranian Scientific and Cultural Center in Sacramento, California. Our volunteers are located all over North America including Los Angeles, Arizona, San Francisco, Toronto, and Melbourne; and they produce a significant portion of the radio's programming. At the end of 2020, our volunteers had donated more than 11520 hours of educational programming.

Today, after approximately 13 years, Bamdad Radio, reaches out to an audience of approximately 300,000 individuals across the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe; broadcasting music 24 hours a days and covering a variety of topics presented by professionals in the fields of arts, entertainment, sports, business and psychology amongst others; with 52 exclusive programs and 16 live programs during the week. Thus, creating a special place for Farsi-speaking audiences. 


Presently, the Iranian American Cultural and Educational Center as the sponsor of Bamdad Radio is seeking financial support through commercial advertisement, in order to further develop its programs and to continue providing free and public broadcasting to minorities; particularly to women, low-income families and small businesses ravaged by the pandemic in order to connect, learn and grow.

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